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Overview of Shape U Deserve Admin Panel Interface created by ReachCure

About Page

The About Page is fully customizable. By clicking the settings button, you can edit any content on this page to ensure it accurately represents your brand and mission. This flexibility allows you to keep your audience informed with up-to-date and relevant information.

Blog Posts Page

Our Blog Posts Page is designed for ease of use. You can add new blogs or edit existing ones effortlessly. Just click the Plus button to add a new post, or the settings button to edit an existing one. Each blog post can include images, rich content, and on-page SEO techniques to boost your site's visibility and engagement.

FAQs Page

The FAQs Page allows you to manage frequently asked questions effectively. You can add new FAQs or categorize them under existing categories, helping your users find answers quickly and easily.

Footers Page

Customizing the footer of your entire site is simple with our Footers Page. With just one click, you can change any part of the footer without needing any coding skills, ensuring that your site’s footer always matches your brand’s style and information.

Home Page

The Home Page editor provides full control over the various sections of your homepage. You can edit any part of the homepage content, making it easy to keep your site fresh and engaging for visitors.

Media Files

Our Media Files section is where you manage all your site's images and other media. You can easily view, add, or modify media files, ensuring that your site is visually appealing and up-to-date.


In the Policies section, you can update any policy content as needed. Whether it’s privacy policies, terms of service, or other important documents, you can keep everything current and compliant.


One of the main features of Shape U Deserve is the Procedures section. Here, you can add new procedure pages, complete with meta tags and SEO points, and publish them to the site menu. This ensures that all your procedural content is easily accessible and optimized for search engines.

Reviews Section

The Reviews Section allows you to manage user reviews displayed on your site. You can add new reviews or delete existing ones, helping you maintain a trustworthy and authentic online presence.


The Technologies page functions similarly to the Policies page, enabling you to update technology-related content as needed.


Our Testimonials section is versatile and user-friendly. You can add or delete testimonials, including YouTube videos, to showcase positive feedback and experiences from your customers.


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